DSP Controller Software for DSP202 Digital Signage Players

The DSP Controller software is included with all DSP202 Digital Signage players, designed to provide a centralized management and monitoring solution of networked digital signage players.

DSP Software Key Features:

  • – Centrally Manage up to 1000x DSP202 Digital Signage Player per Instance
  • – Monitor Health, Status and Operation of DSP202 Players
  • – View and Create Proof-of-Play and Hardware Logging
  • – Simple creation of Signage Template and Content (Single or Multiple Tiles)
  • – Media Preview and Checking
  • – Central Storage and repository for Digital Signage Media
  • – Dynamically update and Push new content to DSP202 Players
  • – Auto-Content and Playlist Updating to DSP202 Players
  • – Create “Groups” of players based on Geographical, Client or Content Basis
  • – Control DSP202 Players on a Grouping Policy
  • – Create Player Schedules – On/off, Content playback times
  • – Remotely set player brightness and volume for time-of-day playback
  • – Set Admin and User access permissions
  • – Remotely restart and configure DSP202 Players

The DSP Controller Software Datasheet can be found here:
The DSP202 Digital Signage Player can be found here: