TeleDelta HDS2804-HDMI-24 High Density HDMI and IP Encoder

The TeleDelta HDS2804-HDMI-X is a high density 1RU professional rack-mount H.264 (MPEG-4) HDMI Encoder, with capacity to encoder between 4 and 24 HDMI Inputs  (in increments of 4HDMIs)  along with up to 256 SPTS IP transport stream inputs for IP to DVB-T distribution.

The HDS2804-HDMI-X Incorporated 8x DVB-T COFDM DVB-T outputs for digital television distribution, along with 8x MPTS IP (multiprogram) IP transport stream outputs for IPTV delivery (UDP or RTP).

Optional functions of logo insertion, and on-screen messaging are an available on the HDS2804-HDMI-X platfrom making the HDS2804-HDMI-X a low-cost per channel headend encoding solution.

Key Features:

– Ingest up to 24x HDMI Inputs

– Supports 6x 4HDMI Input Modules

– Ingest up to 256 IP (SPTS) streams

– H.264 (MPEG-4 Video Encoding)

– Selectable Bit-rate encoding

– MPTS IP transport Stream output

– UDP / RTP IP Input support

– Remote IP management

– Onscreen Logo / Messaging (optional)


More Information and Techincal Details can be found here: