TeleDelta IM202 – Drop and Insert Multiplexer for channel override applications.

IP Video Channel Interruption for Announcement / Emergency / Evacuation Events


The TeleDelta Drop and Insert Multiplexer (IM202) has been designed and built for Internet TV (IPTV) channel
over-ride and interruption for Evacuations, Security, General Announcements and Safety / Training videos.

Designed to listen for a user trigger-able or automated event such as a passenger briefing / evacuation alarms, the IM202 will interrupt any existing Live IP UDP Multicast channel or IP-VOD (video on demand) content and playout the required media.

The TeleDelta IM202 will over-ride one or more IPTV channels with a user defined Video, Audio or Static Image file on a single or looping basis (including black screen for emergency situations) until disabled by an operator or 3rd party defined trigger.

Common applications including Cruise Ships, Passenger Transport, IPTV Networks and Building Evacuation Systems.


TeleDelta IPP200 The TeleDelta IPP200 is a rack-mountable media player solution that provides a physical trigger user interface and digital storage for up to 8x pre-loaded interruption events (Video, Audio, Images) – the Relay inputs on the media player engine allow operators to manually or automatically trigger an override event.

Deployment Applications
• Secure facilities
• Cruise and Accommodation Vessels
• Large Venue IPTV Networks
• Mining Platforms
• Public Transport / Rail
• Universities and Hospitals
• Shopping Malls
• Airport and Transport Terminals

IM202 Datasheet Here:

IM202 Functional Drawing: