Customized Wall Panels and Interfaces for High-Risk and Vandal Prone Environments from TeleDelta.

TeleDelta Engineering offers a range of customized designs, layouts, functions and finishes for control panels and interfaces for installations in high risk and vandal prone environments including Prisons, Detention Centers, Public Services, Restrooms, Transit and Outdoor Applications.

Typical Panel Optional and Features Include:

– Customized Wall and Face plate designs and fittings
– 308 / 316 Grade Stainless Steel face plates and hardware
– IP67 / IP68 Grade metal momentary push buttons and switches
– Waterproof / Liquid proof designs for easy-clean
– Low voltage customization electronics for function and application
– High grade steel wall and cavity boxes with seals with liquid ingress protection
– Tamper proof screws, sensors and internal mounting designs
– Quick swap-out and replacement design – minimal tools required
– Speaker, Microphone and panic button options
– Explosion, Fire and Hot / Cold Environmental Options
– Low quantity and prototyping services

TeleDelta customized wall and interface panels integrate with TeleDelta High Risk and Vandal Prone IPTV, Display and Info / Entertainment solution.

For more information and design / applications please contact TeleDelta or an authorized agent.