TeleDelta AE1206 Multichannel Audio Encoder


Also refer to TeleDelta AD1206 Audio Decoder

The TeleDelta AE1206 is a high quality broadcasting-grade multi-channel audio encoder based on MPEG-2/DVB standard. It can simultaneously encode and multiplex between 1 to 12 single channel (or 1 to 6 dual-channel) audio signals and output as TS ASI. The input audio interface supports analog input, AES/EBU input.

Management and control is via a web browser.

Key Features
-AES Digital and Analog Input Options
-Fully conforms to MPEG-2/DVB standard
-Broadcasting-grade audio standards
-Encode and multiplex up to 12 single channels (or 6 analog stereo audio) or / plus 6 channels of digital AES/EBU audio signals per 1RU chassis
-Adjustable bit-rate per channel (between 400Kbps and 15Mbps) and system output bit-rate is selectable
-Automatically generates PSI/SI information table (PAT, PMT, SDT, NIT, TDT, EIT etc)
-High performance RS error-correcting coding
-Supports two channel ASI output
-AC and DC dual power supply are available
-Front panel and web-based management/ control

Product Datasheet