Manuals and Supporting Documentation on the TeleDelta Range can be found below. If you require any additional information please contact your local distributor or TeleDelta directly via e-mail at

Industry Whitepapers

IPTV / IGMP IT network Information

Product Information

TeleDelta AE1206 /AS1206 Multichannel Audio Encoder/ Decoder

TeleDelta HDS3600 Series

TeleDelta Optical Range

TeleDelta HDS1000-1

TeleDelta HDS2802-SAT

TeleDelta HDS2804-8SAT/IP

TeleDelta HDS3200 Series – ASI/IP Multiplex

TeleDelta HDS2900 Series 

TeleDelta HDS2900-4R IP to COFDM Modulator

TeleDelta HDS1020

TeleDelta MSS-210 CDN (Content Delivery Network)

TeleDelta DFM Digital FM Modulator

TeleDelta Radio2IP – Part of the x2IP Range

TeleDelta AES2IP – Part of the x2IP Range

TeleDelta IPT-1005

TeleDelta HDS2900 Series Product Overview

TeleDelta HDS2804-HDMI-X

TeleDelta IM202 – Drop and Insert IP Multiplexer

TeleDelta LF12-50-1 Leaky Feeder Cable 1/2 Inch 50 Ohm 50~2700Mhz

IPTV / IGMP IT network Information

TeleDelta AE1206 Audio Encoder – AES/ Analog Audio Interface

Real-Time Encoding and Transcoding System

TeleDelta x5500 Encoding and Transcoding System