TeleDelta Satellite and Broadcast Solutions

TeleDelta has many years experience in the Television and Radio Broadcast Industries. Our knowledge and engineering in Satellite and Broadcast delivery technologies will ensure the best outcome for your project needs.

TeleDelta HDS3600 Series – Television Broadcast distribution

The TeleDelta HDS3600 Series platform is a space conscious 1RU modular solution, for Television Broadcast, IPTV, Digital MATV, Enterprise and Satellite content distribution, conversion and delivery.

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FM Exciter / Stereo Generator with Analog + AES Digital Inputs

The TeleDelta DFM digital FM modulator/ exciter is a professional 1RU rack-mount platform for FM rebroadcast in tunnels, underground environments and In-building FM redistribution systems.

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TeleDelta HDS3200-00R ASI / IP Multiplexer

The TeleDelta HDS3200 ASI / IP Multiplexer provides users the ability in multiplex up to 8x ASI transport streams. Output up to two ASI transport streams along with a parallel IP datastream output.

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TeleDelta AE1206 Multichannel Audio Encoder

The TeleDelta AE1206 is a high quality broadcasting-grade multi-channel audio encoder based on MPEG-2/DVB standard.

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TeleDelta AD1206 Multichannel Audio Decoder

The TeleDelta AD1206 is a high quality broadcasting-grade multi-channel audio decoder based on MPEG-2/DVB standard.

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TeleDelta AE1206 Series DVB Audio Encoder - AES/ Analog Audio Interface

The TeleDelta AE1206 Encoder is a 1RU Rack-mount broadcast encoder platform for AES Digital Audio and
Stereo / Mono balanced and unbalanced Analog audio distribution over DVB networks. Support up to 12x AES / Analog Audio Sources per 1RU chassis.

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TeleDelta MPR Receiver for DVB-S/S2/T/T2/C Radio and Television

The TeleDelta MPR Series platform is a broadcast grade, Digital Satellite / Terrestrial, IP and ASI Receiver/Decoder for multi-format, multi-standard Television and Radio content distribution.

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