TeleDelta HDS2800 Series – HD/SD Encoders

Multiple A/V Signals can be sent over a single TV Channel (Frequency) for maximum efficiency and convenience. The system can be scaled up by linking several HDS2800 Encoder/Modulators to give you multiple A/V Signals over one or many frequencies based on required quality and system design requirements.

The HDS2800 Series uses COFDM Modulation Technology in the UHF Band for transmission of the Digital Television (DVB-T) Signals. This is the same technology as adopted in Professional Broadcasting and ensures reliable transmission of HD signals with minimal errors and interference.


The HDS2800 Series allows you to distribute Video & Audio Signals from Standard Definition through to full 720p/1080i/1080p High Definition resolutions over new or existing Coaxial Cable. All you need to tune in to these signals is a Digital Television Tuner compatible with the DVB-T standard, such as those used for Freeview HD reception in Televisions, Set-top-Boxes and DV Recorders.

The HDS2800 Series also has an IP Multicast Output to stream your Video & Audio over IP Networks. This signal can be received by compatible connected Computers or Digital TV’s and Set-top-Boxes. Media Player software such as the open-source VLC player can be used to receive this signal and display full-screen if desired.

The HDS2800 Series is a modular system with various input options that can be configured to suit your application. The available input signal formats include: HDMI, HD/SD-SDI, Composite Video (CVBS) with Stereo Analogue Audio, a DVB-S2 Satellite Tuner and ASI. The HDS2800 Series comes in two frame types. The Wall-Mount Frame can accommodate 1 Input Module for up to 2 SD or 1 HD Inputs and the 1 RU Rack-Mount Frame can accommodate 2 Input Modules for up to 4 SD or 2 HD Inputs.

Typical Applications
  • New build HD MATV Systems
  • Upgrade of existing SD MATV Systems
  • Cable TV System Operations
  • Boardroom and Commerical fit-outs
  • Digital Signage Networks
  • IP Video Networks
  • Pub/Clubs and Venues
  • Hotel IP/COFDM TV Networks.
  • Full HD Video and Audio Distribution up to 1920x1080p resolution
  • Selectable Input Modules: HDMI, HD/SD-SDI, Composite Video (CVBS) with Analogue —Stereo Audio, or DVB-S2 Satellite Tuner
  • ASI Input/Output Interface option available
  • Wall-Mount or 1 RU Rack-Mount Frame options
  • Looping RF Input allows for Free-to-Air Channel Injection
  • Front Panel LCD with Control Keys
  • Web Page Graphical Interface for Remote Access and Control
  • Output COFDM DVB-T RF and IP Multicast Streaming simultaneously
  • Full HDCP Support
  • Precision Digital Encoder with low-latency, MPEG 4, H.264 Encoding
  • Excellent MER characteristics (MER > 42)
  • Adjustable RF Channel Selection (30-960 MHz)
  • Adjustable LCN (Logical Channel Number), SI and DVB Tables
  • Adjustable Channel Bandwidth of up to 27 Mbps
  • Individual Program Stream Video/Audio Bit-rate Adjustment
  • Single or Multiple RF Channel Output option
  • Full RF Parameter Adjustments: Frequency, Output Power, FEC, Guard Intervals, Constellation.