TeleDelta Mass Transit Solution (MTS)
Digital Content delivery solution for Mass Transit and Public Transport Networks

Introducing the TeleDelta Mass Transit Solution (MTS) – Developed by Australian company TeleDelta, the TeleDelta MTS provides mass transit operators the ability to digitally engage passengers through reliable, targeted content delivery and revenue producing advertising opportunities across mass transit and public transport infrastructure.

Designed for Bus, Rail and Ocean Transport – The TeleDelta MTS provides operators the ability to digitally engage, inform and monetise content delivery and advertising opportunities to commuters via high speed WIFI to commuter’s devices whilst travelling across a transit network.

Engage Passenger on-their Device

Provide passengers up-to-date relevant and targeted information, local news or content libraries (live and video-on-demand content) to their Wi-Fi devices including mobile, tablets or PCs. The TeleDelta MTS locally stores and automatically updates content libraries (at a pre-defined location/ time) within each vehicle. The TeleDelta MTS provides high speed content delivery to more than 100-users per connection point is achievable through the system.

Targeted / Trackable Advertising

Monetise advertising opportunities by providing geo-targeted advertising and promotional opportunities to passengers during their travels, Passenger near their final destination; why not present them with local grocery or restaurants specials? – Through geo-locational targeting and content profiling the MTS can provide revenue generating targeted advertising opportunities across the transit network.

Analytics and Monitoring

The TeleDelta Mass Transit Solution provides real-time and historic monitoring / logging of content consumption and commuter device behaviours, this capture of data allows you to build client profiles and target specific content and advertising opportunities.

Operators are able to monitor commuter digital behaviour, trends and digital direction.

In-Venue Displays and POIs (Points of Information)

The TeleDelta MTS provides viewing outlets for one or more large format displays per vehicle designed for digital signage, security or POI information – these displays provide a high-brightness, wide viewing angle outlet designed for 24/7 operation in a transit environment.

For more information on the TeleDelta Mass Transit Solution please contact the your local distributor or TeleDelta Australia.