TeleDelta T140 Set-Top-Box Configured STB for IPTV / Digital Signage Networks


The TeleDelta T140 IPTV receiver is a software configured Amino H140, the T140 is deployed into TeleDelta IPTV, Digital Signage and TeleDelta Conductor networks along with Amino H140s.

The T140 HD IPTV/OTT set-top box combines high performance, advanced HLS capability, new OTT trickplay and USB functionality in a rugged compact case. THe T140 is used in TeleDelta IPTV, Digital Signage and TeleDelta Conductor Networks where TeleDelta hardware including the HDS1020, HDS2800, HDS2900 and HDS3600 series hardware is deployed.

Over-the-top (OTT) capability
OTT allows operators to combine traditional pay-TV programming with popular user-generated content websites via the open Internet – adding a compelling new layer of content to service offerings. Amino now offers enhanced OTT capability across its IPTV range using the adaptive bitrate protocol HLS – http live streaming – to deliver reliable video service delivery even where high contention rates create service delivery challenges. Plus HLS offers new opportunities for off-net service delivery across the open Internet, extending both your service offering and reach. The T140 supports HTML5 audio and video tags enabling multiscreen compatible user interfaces. The H140 also offers OTT trickplay functionality – offering customers the same smooth fast forward, rewind and accurate skips that they have come to expect from the traditional IPTV experience. HLS recording is also available along with PVR-like pause live TV – dependent on your chosen middleware. The T140 also offers and HLS streamer – providing APIs to allow middleware to stream recorded content to other home devices.

Key Features

Fully digital systems provide numerous benefits for the operator, including: Easy update of content via remote download – no more tapes or CDs to track and ship, Remote management of the system – fewer on-site service calls, Ability to integrate with other guest services – telephony, Internet, billing, information.

CEC Control
The T140 provides CEC control over HDMI. This feature allows system integrators to provide an integrated solution with TVs that also support CEC. This allows IR pass-through, power on and off of the TV and STB, plus sending and receiving other CEC supported commands.

Serial interface
Hospitality system integrators require access to the STB to integrate bespoke applications for many installations. The T140 is equipped with a RS-232 serial interface that can be used as a connection interface to hospitality televisions for single remote control use.

USB stick playback
Now your customers can see their own content on their TVs via the T140. Simply plug in any USB storage device and the API within the T140 discovers and then presents it on the screen using HTML5 playback. All common video and picture formats are handled quickly and easily – further enhancing your customers’ entertainment experience.

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