TeleDelta – IPTV, MATV and Entertainment Solutions for Prison, Detention, Public Space and Vandal Prone Environments


Complete, customized hardware and installation components for protection of assets, control and monitoring applications in high risk and vandal prone environments.

Suitable for environments including: Detention Centres, Mental Health / Hospital Enviroements, Prisons – Medium to High Security, Public Spaces, including Transport Hubs and Outdoor Locations.

Australian company TeleDelta is please to offer a range of customization solutions for IPTV / MATV and Signage / Display applications for a range of low / medium and high risk environments. Ccustomization hardware solutions can provide an outcome to meet operators requirements and deployment environments from low risk public or outdoor through to high risk detention or prison environments.

Key Applications
  • TeleDelta provides an engineered IPTV and Entertainment solution for Prisons, Detention Centres and Public / Vandal prone environments
  • Solutions offer a low total cost of ownership with emphasis on high system-reliability and low OPEX costs
  • Vandal Proof system  hardware, design and installation items for equipment protection, security and safety
  • High Levels on Integrated remote system management and control to Guard and Center Staff Members
  • A Building block approach is utilised to allow future proofing and expansion as / if required
  • Management Integration with existing IT network systems – reducing overall CAPEX deployment costs
  • Secure closed network design prevents external communication or access
Product Resources

Refer to the attached Whitepaper providing details about TeleDelta Detention and Prison Solution: White Paper Here:

Additional Information on Customized Wall Panels and Interfaces for High-Risk and Vandal Prone Environments from TeleDelta can also be found here:

For further information please contact TeleDelta or one of our authorized partners.