TeleDelta IPTV and Digital Signage system Controller / Gateway

The HDS1020 also acts as an active web server hosting remote control pages that can be site customised with graphical display layouts providing touch or click-thru access to individual or grouped STB’s for control of URL / channel selection, volume and TV display power on/off. This functionality can be accessed from iPad , Android or similar web enabled devices for efficient, effective and user friendly functional control of a venues display systems.


The TeleDelta HDS1020 series is a powerful, but low power consumption, rack-mount IPTV controller / gateway for 24/7 operation and management of IP Set Top Boxes (STB’s). Its modular design enables integrators and operators to select functional modules to customise IPTV installation, operation and on-going service.

Designed for the centralised or network control of IP STB’s the protocol translator function acts as the interface from popular control systems such as Crestron, AMX and others, to the commonly deployed STB’s in hospitality, corporate, campus and entertainment environments.

Key Applications
  • iPad or Android centralised remote control
  • Content Distribution
  • ASCII RS232 Protocol conversion for Crestron, AMX and similar control systems
  • DRM and content protection
  • Digital Signage
  • Remote Supervision and control
Key Features
  • Provides logon functions for STB initialisation
  • Over the wire TCP/IP management of STB’s, network wide
  • Drivers available for Amino, AndroidTV, Exceed, AcidTV, Python IP STB’s
  • Public / Private Key encryption security for secure networks
  • IPTV headend integration
  • Enable remote network management of Hospitality TV’s
  • Ends reliance on IR blasting
  • Lowers energy costs by allowing intelligent power management
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