TeleDelta IPT-1005 – IP Datastream Protocol Transcoder for IPTV, Broadcast and Streaming

Hardware Specification
The TeleDelta IPT-1005 system operates on the HDS1020 multi -NIC 1,2 or 3RU rackmount server (depending on number of required streams). The Dedicated HDS1020 servers provide separate management and data network control, along with the latest intel chipsets designed for 24/7 operations.


The TeleDelta IPT-1005 is a dedicated solution for IPTV, Broadcasters and Streaming Media Providers who require real-time conversion and datastream management for their linear content delivery for in-venue and for external content streaming.
The IPT-1005 is an ideal bridge for intercepting and adjusting datastreams protocols and formats for re-delivery within content delivery networks.
The scalable TeleDelta IPT-1005 software allows operators to manipulate up to 128 linear content streams per hardware platform* and adjust key stream parameters on individual streams or group rulings.
The IPT-1005 supports realtime input to output protocol translation of datastreams, allowing users to actively change linear stream protocols as required, Supported formats include UDP, RTP/ RTCP and RTSP along with IGMP Multicast and TCP/IP Unicast standards.
The IPT-1005 also provides stream address translation allowing users to direct Input and output datastreams between different IP network addresses.

Key Features
  • Any-format in to Any-format output
  • Converts Unicast to Multicast Streams
  • Inputs and outputs can be MPEG2 or H.264
  • Supports up to 128 linear streams input
  • Supports multiple input and output formats including UDP, RTP, RTCP and RTPS, IGMP Multicast and TCP/IP Unicast.
  • Up to 300 simultaneous RTP/RTPS sessions
  • Web-based Stream Management & Control
  • Dedicated 1, 2 or 3RU rack-mount server
  • Multi-NIC network platforms
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