TeleDelta DSP202 Digital Signage Player

Local video (optional) and USB Inputs on the DSP202 allow users to display both live video, camera feeds or television whilst displaying rich digital signage simultaneously.


The TeleDelta DSP202 is a highly featured, Full HD, HTML5 supported Digital Signage Player designed for Retail, Hospitality, Hotel, Entertainment, Stadiums and Transport Signage networks. The DSP202 is centrally managed by the DSP Controller software (supplied with the DSP202) allowing authorised users to remotely make changes, upload content, schedule, manage and monitor one or multiple DSP202 player in an IT network.

The DSP202 supports hardware accelerated HMTL5 processing, allowing for rich content and streaming media from Internet locations including Youtube, Social Media, RSS and Webpages and local player stored content including Movies, Videos, Audio, Images and Photos.

Typical Applications

DSP Controller Software
The DSP Controller software is a lightweight software application that runs on a central server (commonly at a Head office) to allow authorised users to Manage, Monitor and Update all aspects of the DSP202 players and Digital Signage Content In real time.
The DSP Controller controls all aspects of the DSP202 players and signage content including Content and Player Scheduling, Playlist Management, Player Grouping Policies, Live Information, Time of Day configurations, logging and proof of play reporting.

The DSP Controller software is supplied with each DSP202 player.

Key Features

DSP202 Player Overview
• Network or Standalone Signage Player
• Wi-Fi / LAN Remote management and monitoring
• Rugged Metal Housing
• Rich HTML5 / Full HD content support
• Support RSS, Weather, News Feeds
• HDMI, VGA, 3.5mm Audio Output
• Local USB, Video and Microphone Input
• Built-in Scheduling, Storage and Auto Player management
• Schedulable Power On / Off features