Radio2IP Series – Radio Distribution for IT / IP and IPTV Networks

Radio2IP is a multi-format codec platform allowing operators to select desired encoding formats including AAC, AAC-LC, AAC-HE, AAC-HE2, MPEG2/L1 and MPEG2/L3 and assign output broadcast address and streaming bitrates. Radio2IP allows end-devices including PCs, monitoring devices, professional decoders / receivers and IPTV settop-boxes to access and listen to Radio2IP broadcast streams.

Radio2IP is proudly made in Australia by TeleDelta.


Part of the TeleDelta x2IP Product Range, the RADIO2IP is a dedicated multi-channel FM, AM and DAB+ Radio to IT/IPTV and streaming transcoder, designed for monitoring, distribution and delivery of FM, AM and DAB+ radio services to one or more end-users devices with an private IT, IPTV/ public Internet environment.

The scalable RADIO2IP platform is can be built and ordered to meet customers requirements with each platform supporting up to 32x FM + 32x AM and DAB+ radio services.

Key Features
  • Dedicated FM/AM and DAB+ Multichannel Encoding Platform
  • Supports FM, AM and DAB+ Radio Sources
  • Up to 32FM+AM+DAB+ Services per system
  • Digital encoding for IP delivery
  • User-defined output bitrate 32~384Kbps
  • Assignable output streaming addresses
  • Built-In test and Tone Generators
  • MPEG2/L3, L1, AAC-LC, AAC-HE2, AAC-HE, AAC encoding support
  • UDP+IGMP Multi, Unicast + RTMP streaming
  • Dedicated web-interface for Management
  • Optional recording, storage and Playback