TeleDelta LiveStream – IP Video and Audio Capture, Recording and Delivery


Introducing the LiveStream series from TeleDelta – Capture, Storage, Distribution and Playback solutions for Education, Corporate and Training Environments.

Utilising IP technology the LiveStream system can capture content from a wide range of input devices, and record up to 10 video streams (per recorder); then output to a large variety of viewing devices (including tablets and mobile devices) using IP technology content can be distributed and viewed from just about anywhere a local network connection can be reached.

Designed to operate as either a stand-alone system or part of an existing control system, the LiveStream platform is agnostic in its control choice allowing integration to a wide range of control systems including AMX and Crestron.

Key Features
  • Simultaneously capture content from multiple input devices (cameras, computers, training devices)
  • Store recordings or choose to edit and distribute to authorised users
  • Play content live or as video on demand (VOD) at a later stage
  • Record up to 10 video streams per recorder
  • Stream and view captured content on multiple devices including iPads/Tablets and Mobile Devices
  • Integrate into existing TeleDelta IPTV / MATV systems
  • Stand-alone operation or integrate with existing control systems such as AMX or Crestron
  • Secure content distribution options – utilizing industry approved encryption standards
Typical Applications
  • Class room and lecture theatre environments
  • Medical training rooms and education facilities
  • Corporate / share-holder meetings
  • Content capture for distance learning and archival purposes
  • Secure distribution of sensitive content