TeleDelta DRM1000 – DRM Encryption Solution


The TeleDelta DRM1000 is commonly deployed into IPTV networks that require DRM secure distribution of Pay-TV, streaming and Private Content / Video distribution.

Key Applications

The TeleDelta DRM1000 is a low-cost per channel, high density DRM / Content Protection Encryption Solution for Hospitality, Entertainment, Hospitals, Enterprise and Accommodation that require distribution of Pay-TV or secure content distribution.

The DRM1000 provides encryption for between 12 to 92 channels per server and supports multiple DRM standards including: Pro-Idiom, SamsungLYNK, Verimatirx, SecureMedia and Vsecure.

The DRM1000 can be deployed into IPTV networks utilising Smart TV’s, Commercial or Hospitality models including Samsung, Phillips, LG, Sony, Panasonic, Sharp and dedicated STB decoders including Amino STBs plus many others.

The TeleDelta DRM1000 can be deployed stand-alone into third party IPTV / TV networks or integrated into the TeleDelta IPTV suite for integrated IPTV, Signage and Content delivery over IP networks.

Key Features
  • Options for Pro-Idiom, SamsungLYNK, Verimatrix, SecureMedia and Vsecure
  • Supports up to 92 Input channels
  • Smart-TV and STB Networks
  • Pre-configured Setup
  • Remote and Local Management
  • Suitable for Samsung, Phillips, LG, Sony and other Display Manufactures
  • Suitable for Amino STBs and many other manufacturers
Product Resources

DRM1000: Datasheet