HD100 Streaming IP Encoder


The TeleDelta HD100 series are a single-channel HDMI or SDI encoder/streamer for live video and audio content distribution for private IPTV, Live Event, Webcasting and Internet Streaming Applications.

The H100 supports a wide range of industry standard streaming protocols including UDP, RTMP, RTMPS, RTSP and HLS for in-house IPTV and public streaming requirements.

Controllable by a Web-GUI interface the HD100 Series provides operators the ability to stream and record, saving content to a USB drive or portable hard-drive (Optional feature).

User selectable bitrate and encoding parameters allows the HD100 series to support up to 1920x1080P60 resolution for Full HD streaming applications.

Key Features
  • H.264 (standard) /H.265(HEVC) (Optional) High Definition, up to 1920*1080p@60
  • Support for IP Streaming protocols including: UDP, RTMP, RTMPS, RTSP, HLS.
  • HDMI or SDI Input options (HDS100-1 for HDMI or HDS100-2 for SDI)
  • Built-in Facebook/YouTube developer account, skip all the complex configuration steps
  • Record live video in parallel without interrupting live streaming (Optional)
  • Video file playback to video/social platforms, support TS, MOV and MP4 format
  • Both SD card and external USB hard disk are available for storing recorded video or video file playback
  • Logo/image/text overlay, create your own live video with distinctive personal characteristics (Optional)
  • Start streaming by only 3 steps: 1) connect HDMI/SDI source; 2) select streaming protocol; 3) click «start streaming»
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