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HDS2900-8R 8 x FM to IP/ASI Output – TeleDelta

TeleDelta HDS2900-8R – 8x FM to IP/ASI Output


The TeleDelta HDS2900-8R is a compact 1RU pro-fessional rack-mount receiver and IP Audio Encoder designed for FM Radio Monitoring, Rebroadcast or IPTV Head-end distribution applications.
The HDS2900-8R has 8x on-board FM tuners, (4x Antenna points) allowing up to 8x FM program streams to be captured. Internally the HDS2900-8R digitizes the FM programs and encodes theFM services as an MPEG Audio program Stream.
Selectable IP Streaming (UDP) SPTS or MPTS allows for maximum deployment flexibility

Key Features
  • Ingest Up to 8x FM Radio Frequencies
  • Digital Encoding to MPEG Format
  • Selectable Bit-rate encoding
  • UDP STPS or MPTS IP Outputs
  • ASI Transport Stream Output
  • Local and Remote IP Management
  •  Front Panel LCD and Control
  • Audio Gain Control / Adjustment