HDS2900 Media Processor


The TeleDelta HDS2900 Media Processor platform is a High-Performance Broadcast Grade Solution for Signal Management, Distribution, Conversion and Delivery Applications for Traditional Broadcasters, Distribution Networks and hybrid DVB/IP Delivery Networks.

The 1RU modular chassis provides High Reliability, Serviceability and Redundancy with Dual integrated power supplies and 24/7 rated operation, cooling and internal components. Remote support and management are available via a clean and easy-to-navigate web-GUI user interface. More information

Key Features
  • 1RU Chassis with 6x swappable modules
  • Integrated Dual Redundant Power supplies with 24/7 operational internal components
  • Easy to Navigate Web base User interface
  • Wide range of Input / Output Module Options
  • Integrated support for up to 120x IP Inputs / 120x Outputs (expandable)
  • Service-Level multiplexing

The HDS2900 Media Processor allows for up to 6x swappable modules to be utilised per chassis allowing a wide range of applications including DVB(-T/T2,-S, S2, S2X, C)/IP Receiving, CAM / CI decryption, ASI Transport Stream Management, SDI/HDMI/Analog Signal Encoding, De-multiplexing and re-multiplexing, OFDM / QAM plus additional Modulation standards, along with advanced EIT Program Stream adjustment.

IP Interfaces are included as standard on the HDS2900 Media Processor.

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