TeleDelta Conductor – IPTV and Digital Signage Network Control Systema


TeleDelta Conductor is a complete IPTV and Digital Signge network control solution for In-venue and / or Cloud based digital content management and play out solution for Enterprise, Government, Education, Medical and Entertainment venues.

Here is a brief introduction paper to help understand the Conductor platform Conductor-Introduction

Designed to manage an end-to-end IPTV delivery solution Conductor incorporates all aspects of a venues IPTV and Digital Signage including live TV / video delivery, digital signage, visual evacuation messaging, digital content libraries, video-on-demand and content capture, archival and delivery (when using the TeleDelta LiveStream solution)

Digital Signage and Advertising
Conductors powerful Digital Signage Engine allows users to publish and display digital signage and advertising with ease, Users can assign signage play-lists to individual or groups of display, incorporating features such as Split Screen / Multiframe play-out, Signage overlays, RSS, News and Social Media Feeds – all in real-time or targeted campaigns with time-of-day advertising, end of day system shut-downs and clock/ count-down timers.

Typical Applications

Broadcast Facility IPTV Example here:

TeleDelta Conductor provides control for all of a venues digital media formats and inputs into the one easy to manage system, combine your venues Television, Digital Signage, Pay-TV, Satellite, In-house promotional material, Information displays and RSS/ Social Media/ News/ Weather feeds into Conductor to provide a centralised control and monitoring solution.

TeleDelta Conductor provides authorised users the ability to control and monitor all aspects of their content and display network locally or remotely from the Conductor application via their Ipad, Tablet, mobile device, PC or via an existing AV control system

Simple to Use
The TeleDelta Conductor application can be run on almost any connected device, Conductor allows different users, varying areas and levels of control, the simple ”Drag and Drop design allows users to easily create, manage and assign play-lists or content to individual or multiple displays in real-time. Conductors powerful network management tool allow users to monitor all receiver and display locations, log faults and new activations.

Key Features
  • Complete IPTV network management system – manage network hardware and content all in one
  • Integrated Content Management System for Hospitality, Enterprise and Entertainment Venues
  • Control all your media content and display network from a centralised system
  • Easy to Use control system – Control on-the-move from Ipad / Tablet, Mobile or PC device
  • Integrate your Media – Television, Digital Signage, In-House Promotional, and RSS/ Social Media
  • Scalable design, for Individual through to Multi-Venue System control

The TeleDelta Conductor Application utilises the TeleDelta IP/ IPTV network for control and content delivery. The conductor can also be deployed stand-alone as a dedicated Digital Signage Solution for networked digital signage.